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We bolster you up and show the way to a fast reSTART

Welcome to reSTART-19

We bolster you up and show the way to a fast reSTART. The most terrifying virus is fear. Courage and positive thoughts at the right moment are our antivirus. We vaccinate ourselves, our friends and the media with ReSTART-19.

What can I do?

It’s very easy: Inspire your friends with positive news. Little effort, great effect!

The homebase of reSTART-19 is the Castl community. Everybody can post positive examples from economy or society here in our weblog or in the reSTART-19 Challenge on Castl.

Every day, our team chooses 1 or 2 of the most moving stories, checks it for correctness and creates an official reStart-19 meme from it. Our reSTART volunteers spread the meme on WhatsApp, Facebook and their other channels. Every meme is ad-free and based on verified facts. Of course, as a volunteer you are free to choose and don’t have to share every meme.

How can I join?

The Castl app is only available in German-speaking countries so far. But you can support reSTART-19 from other countries as well by becoming a partner – no costs and no bureaucracy involved More information


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