Oldest Corona survivor celebrates 104th birthday


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Old and ill people are considered to be particularly at risk during the Coronavirus crisis. Now William Lapschies has given it to the virus.

The senior, born in 1916, was one of the first patients in the US state Oregon, who has been diagnosed with Covid-19. Lapschies, who lives in a nursing home, has been suffering from fever and respiratory pains for days. But he never had to be transferred to a hospital – he recovered and got healthy again, without this disease getting more severe.

“It just went away”, Lapschies’ granddaughter Jamie Yutzie recalls how her grandfather has overcome the illness. Since his recovery, the WW2 veteran, who has already survived the Spanish flu in 1918, is said to be “pretty well” again. He has celebrated his 104th birthday in a “very perky and very excited” mood, but keeping the necessary safety distance : Many of his guests wore masks, but everybody enjoyed cake and balloons anyway. Happy Birthday!

Many thanks to Diddi for her post in the #reSTART-19Challenge on Castl!

Source: Gala.de and several local media from Oregon

Photo: Pixabay

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